Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend visit

We spent the weekend with Nathan, Niki, Kyla, and Lucas and had a great time! I was able to see a lot of their extended family again and their extended family was able to meet David and my kiddos. We watched fireworks from Nathan's grandmother's backyard, as her house backs up to Southfork Ranch and they had a great fireworks show. Then, yesterday, we ate at Rainforest Cafe. My kids loved it and it was the twins first time to go to a restaurant. I think Nathan only dropped food on Lucas' head once. :)

Kyla and Lucas have both grown a lot, especially Lucas. He's so much heavier than his sister. And Kyla is very dramatic. She's pretty calm and content until she something makes her mad, like having her diaper changed. I honestly have never heard a little baby scream the way she What a drama queen! I really enjoyed cuddling with them over the weekend. I'm happy to have had that time with them because we all know it won't be long until they'll push everyone away and only let very few

Here are some pics from our visit:

Sheridyn petting Chili

Trenton playing Rock Band

Kyrsten holding Kyla

David rockin' to Rock Band while I cuddle Lucas in the background.

Me and Lucas

Nathan, Niki and their babies, along with my kiddos at Rainforest Cafe

Niki snapped a pic of Kyla and me trying to get our beauty sleep

They don't quite fit in my lap like they did 4 weeks

Lucas is on the left, Kyla is on the right. Aren't they precious?

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