Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sibling Love

Niki sent me this pic last week. Isn't it adorable? She said they were getting fussy, so she picked them up to console. Kyla quickly settled, but Lucas did not. That's when Kyla reached over and took hold of Lucas' shirt and looked at him directly in the eyes. Niki said she couldn't tell if Kyla was saying, "It'll be okay, Lucas" or "Listen here, bub. Stop that!" LOL Either way, looks like it helped calm him down!

They also had their two month check up on August 11th and here were their stats:

weight: 11 lbs (52%)
length: 22.5 inches (51%)
head circumference: 15.25 inches (46%)

weight: 12 lbs 13 oz (71%)
length: 23.25 inches (57%)
head circumference: 15.75 inches (48%)

Look at them grow!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My most adorable surro twins

Hee hee...aren't they adorable!?!? And look how big they're getting!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our story in pictures

I made a photo montage for Niki, Nathan, and the twins. It took me quite awhile and I had to keep tissues nearby because I kept tearing up...lol. It's just such a beautiful story with a happy ending...plus I miss them all. Anyway, here's the final product!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

One month old! (Already?!?!)

Lucas and Kyla turned a month old yesterday! I can't believe it's already been a month since they came into the world! Nathan and Niki took them for their well child visit yesterday morning. Lucas weighs 9 lbs. 2 oz. and is 21.75 inches long! Kyla is 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 21 inches even! I asked Niki if they're feeding them Miracle Grow...lol. The babies also got their shots. :(

Here's a pic taken yesterday. Could they be any more adorable? I think not.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend visit

We spent the weekend with Nathan, Niki, Kyla, and Lucas and had a great time! I was able to see a lot of their extended family again and their extended family was able to meet David and my kiddos. We watched fireworks from Nathan's grandmother's backyard, as her house backs up to Southfork Ranch and they had a great fireworks show. Then, yesterday, we ate at Rainforest Cafe. My kids loved it and it was the twins first time to go to a restaurant. I think Nathan only dropped food on Lucas' head once. :)

Kyla and Lucas have both grown a lot, especially Lucas. He's so much heavier than his sister. And Kyla is very dramatic. She's pretty calm and content until she something makes her mad, like having her diaper changed. I honestly have never heard a little baby scream the way she does...lol. What a drama queen! I really enjoyed cuddling with them over the weekend. I'm happy to have had that time with them because we all know it won't be long until they'll push everyone away and only let very few cuddle...lol.

Here are some pics from our visit:

Sheridyn petting Chili

Trenton playing Rock Band

Kyrsten holding Kyla

David rockin' to Rock Band while I cuddle Lucas in the background.

Me and Lucas

Nathan, Niki and their babies, along with my kiddos at Rainforest Cafe

Niki snapped a pic of Kyla and me trying to get our beauty sleep

They don't quite fit in my lap like they did 4 weeks ago...lol.

Lucas is on the left, Kyla is on the right. Aren't they precious?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Due Date Day!

Yep, today is the day the babies were due! Hard to believe they're here and 3 weeks old already...yet I can't imagine that I should've been pregnant up until today either!

They had an appointment with the orthopedist for Lucas' arm today and he said he's healing just fine! What a relief! Niki also said the babies have their own distinct personalities. I can't wait to see for myself...and I'll get the chance this weekend! I'm so excited! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More pics and an update

Here are some more pics of the big day!

This is what it's all about! The happy family's first picture together!

Sweet Kyla sleeping...

Precious Lucas holding on to his daddy...

Sleeping beauty

Poor Lucas with his cast

Lucas' x-ray :(
Lucas is doing better. They removed his cast last week and he's in a sling. However, Niki says the sling doesn't work well on a baby, so they often just swaddle him tightly and he's happy with that. :) He goes back on July 2nd (their due date) to be re-evaluated. He is also 1 oz over his birth weight and Kyla is now up 4 oz!

We will be visiting Nathan, Niki, Kyla and Lucas next weekend for the 4th of July! I can't wait to see them all again! I'm sure I'll have more pics to share. :)

As for me, I'm doing much better. My energy is coming back finally and I feel like me again. :) I have lost 40 pounds since the day the babies were born, which puts me at 21 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. I've also gone from a size 14 to a size 10, so I'm happy...lol.

Here's a pic of me that was taken today:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy birthday, Kyla and Lucas!!!!

Welcome to the world, little ones!!!!

Lucas on left, Kyla on right

Kyla Rose was born 6/8/09 at 10:59 am, weighing 6 lbs, 2 oz and was 19.5"!
Lucas Grey was born 6/8/09 at 11:04 am, weighing 6 lbs, 13 oz and was 20.5"!

Well I'll write as much as I recall. It seems I've forgotten bits and pieces here and there and some things are coming back as others remind me of things that happened. I also didn't get very many pics on my camera, but Niki promised to email me the ones she has just as soon as she gets a chance. :)

Last belly pic, taken 6/8/09 at 36 weeks, 4 days

I know the nurse checked me again Monday morning and I was still at a 6. Dr. K came in shortly after (I think about 8:15) and broke Kyla's bag of water. He also ordered a low dose of Pitocin. The nurse started it at a level of 4 and I could feel the contractions picking up. I was doing OK with them and kept wondering when they'd start hurting more. I was in pain, but it wasn't like I remembered from previous labors. I was determined to do this unmedicated and as natural as possible and it was beginning to become a reality! I'm not sure when, but sometime the level of Pitocin was upped to 6 and that seemed to get things really moving. Niki had left the room to pump. Not long after she left, I was feeling lots more pressure. The nurse came and checked and I was an 8. The nurse didn't know when to take me to the OR. (Dr. K insisted on delivering in there "just in case".) I assured her it was time because I tend to go fast. Before I knew it, the urge to push was there. Niki had made it back and I was just glad everyone was there. The nurse kept telling me to pant and all I wanted to do was push. I was being rolled down the hall and into the OR. I remember the nurse checking me again once we were in the OR and telling me I was completely dilated. They helped me get onto the surgical table and that was the most uncomfortable place to deliver a baby (or two) ever! Dr. K came in and told me I could finally push. Kyla was a very easy delivery. She came out and Dr. K placed her on my belly. I looked at her and she was crying and I was so relieved. I wanted to hand her over to her mommy, but there were too many things and people between us. I vaguely remember Nathan cutting her cord and the nurses took her from me to be cleaned up. I kept trying to see Niki and Nathan's expressions, but it was hard with all the activity. Plus my job still wasn't done...

So I figured the second baby would be a breeze to deliver. He should've just slid down and popped right out, right? Ha!

I remember asking Dr. K if the next one was in position and I remember him answering that he was checking. About that time, I felt the bag of water break and an immense amount of pain. Dr. K had reached up to internally turn Lucas. I was screaming and Dr. K was yelling at me to gain some control. But yeah, there is no control for that. He had warned me before that he may have to do that, but he assured me it wouldn't hurt more than when he had to manually remove part of the placenta from my last delivery. (He lied. It hurt a LOT more!) Dr. K was having trouble getting Lucas to come head down. I had so many thoughts running through my head. I was screaming for him to stop, to just put me out, and to just take the baby. (I was ready for a c-section, if he needed to.) David was at the head of my bed and I had a hold of his t-shirt sleeves and was pulling as hard as I could. Although I was aware of my actions, I had no control over them. I heard Dr. K order the anesthesiologist to give me something and I just kept waiting to be put out or to pass out from the amount of pain I was in. But, before I knew it, there was another little baby laying on my belly. Dr. K had pulled him out feet first. Lucas wasn't crying and I was terrified. His eyes were open though and we just stared at each other. I think both of us were in shock and traumatized. I remember Dr. K telling the nurses to just take him, as he still wasn't crying. As soon as they were ready to give him some oxygen though, he let out a good healthy cry. I was so relieved....yet tired and ready to sleep...lol.

I know Niki came over to check on me after the deliveries, but I just wanted her to be with her babies. I felt so bad that they witnessed all that. While I know it was the best day of their lives and they were able to see their babies come into the world, I feel bad that it was so dramatic and scary for them. Niki and I had always been in agreement from day 1 that this would be an attempted unmedicated birth...and it was. We did it, but it wasn't quite as "peaceful" as we had hoped.

Well after the babies were born, I delivered the placenta and was rolled back to my room. Niki and Nathan went with their babies to the nurseries. Dr. K said he felt a pop when he was trying to get Lucas out and he suggested an orthopedist take a look at his arm. Unfortunately, Lucas' right humerus was broken. He was kept in NICU for awhile because of that and because his blood sugar was a bit low, but was released to be with his sister by that night.

Once I got back to my room, the drama didn't stop. The nurse kept pushing on my belly, trying to control the bleeding. But, apparently, it wasn't stopping. I begged her not to push anymore because the pain was too much. I just couldn't take anymore. I was done. Suddenly, there were tons of people back in the room and Dr. K was being called back. He was sure it was probably a piece of retained placenta. He suggested a suction D&C. The anesthesiologist came back to talk to me about the procedure. I wasn't too fond of the idea after all I had just been through, so I tried to come up with alternatives (like waiting until the following day...lol). Obviously, that wasn't an option. So I was wheeled back to the OR again...

I woke up over 2 hours later and felt the breathing tube being pulled from my mouth. I immediately asked for my husband and a nurse went to get him. I was told everything went well and everyone was fine. And for that, I was/am extremely grateful.

Honestly, I was "out of it" the rest of Monday and most of Tuesday. I remember having some visitors and I remember visiting with Niki, Nathan, and the babies. Dr. K monitored my levels and decided against giving me some blood. He ordered iron for me and I feel like I'm improving a little more each day. I was finally released from the hospital yesterday, as were the babies.

My feet, hands, legs, arms, face...just about everything...is very swollen. I have never seen my body retain fluid like this before. Usually, I pop a baby out and go right back to myself...but not this time. Honestly, the hardest part for me is not being able to be fully self-dependent...lol. After "taking it easy" for so long during the pregnancy, I was ready to be back to myself once they were born. Hopefully, it won't take too much longer!

Even knowing the way it all goes now, I would still do it all over again. This journey has not only brought two more beautiful babies into this world, but given me friendships that I probably would not have found otherwise.

Niki and Nathan, thank you for trusting me with your precious babies. Thank you for being more than just "intended parents" and thank you for sharing your babies with my family for 8 fabulous months. Thank you for letting us share this joy with you.

Kyla and Lucas, thank you for allowing me to finish my second semester of nursing school. Thank you for keeping me company daily for all those weeks and reminding me you were there with your hiccups, kicks, and turns. Thank you for continually reminding me that things happen on your terms and not mine...lol. Thank you, Kyla, for coming out so easy and thank you, Lucas, for letting me keep my rib. You are both precious and I am so happy I was the one able to help bring you into your parents' lives.

Nathan, LaDonna holding Lucas, and Niki holding Kyla

Monday, June 8, 2009

The time is finally upon us...

Well we've had quite a weekend. Niki arrived Friday night to stay until her babies are born. On Saturday, I noticed I could breathe a little easier and Lucas didn't seem to be up in my rib as much. We were pretty sure the babies had dropped! Niki treated my girls and I to a pedicure. We all really enjoyed that (I had never had one before) and now all our toes look beautiful! Saturday evening, Niki and I went for a walk around the block. Contractions were picking up some. Mostly, I just had a horrible backache though. Niki and I decided to go ahead and go to L&D just to be safe. She called Nathan and he headed up as well. The nurse checked me and, lo and behold, I was already dilated to a 4! Nathan arrived before long and I was just so glad they were both here. Before I knew it, everyone else was here to join us too. After a few hours of no progress, I convinced my mom to take my kids back home (it was 2 am) and my dad, stepmom, and brother to head home. Nathan's mom, brother, and sister arrived from Texas a little later and ended up getting a hotel room. By morning, I was only dilated to a 6. We walked the hospital halls, trying to get the contractions to pick up...but no luck. Dr. K wasn't on call this weekend and the on call dr was not willing to attempt an unmedicated vaginal twin delivery. So poor Dr. K was waiting around at home on me to do something. He finally gave us the choice to either go home, get some rest and some food, and wait to see what happens. Or I could try some Pitocin. Well since I was exhausted and starving, and because I'd like to try to go natural as possible, we opted to go home. I felt bad because Nathan's mom and family headed home to Texas and I felt like I let everyone down. Once I got home, I ate and took quite a long nap. I even got in a shower! Then, Niki, Nathan, and I walked around the block a couple more times. Things hadn't seemed to change much, so Niki suggested I try pumping. (Nipple stimulation will bring on uterine contractions.) I tried pumping and the contractions were starting to hurt. (I was also getting colostrum!) We all headed back to the hospital. David's mom came and picked up my kids. The nurse came and checked and I was still only a 6. No change?!?! Ugh. Well since it was so late (after 9 pm), Dr. K suggested we all get a good night's rest and see what happens overnight. If nothing, we can try some Pitocin in the morning. Niki and Nathan were able to get their own room and David slept on the couch in my room. I had a rough night sleeping. The hospital beds just aren't comfy...especially for a twin pregnant belly. I woke up for good around 5:30 am and decided to brush my teeth and put on a little make up. (I'm sure the make up will be gone and/or smeared by the time the day is over, but I figured I'd look my best to at least start out the big day...lol.)

So, here it is a little after 6, and I'm wide awake. I'm very nervous about today. I know I've done this before, but not with two babies. I just keep praying that God keeps the three of us safe through all of this. Mostly, I just seem to be scared of the pain. If it's already taken me this long to get this far, how long will it take me to be complete and push them out? I am having quite a few contractions as I sit here, but nothing too severe. Maybe the nurse will come in to check me and I'll be an 8? Ha! I wish! Well I'm beginning to ramble, so I guess I'll wrap this up.

This will be the last post I write pregnant. This pregnancy has introduced me to many things. There have been some very difficult times and there have been many more joyous times. I don't regret any of it for one moment and would choose to do it all over again. Kyla and Lucas have kept me company for months now and it's finally time for them to meet their mommy and daddy. As ready as I am for them to be here, it's still hard to believe it's time for me to hand them over. Thanks for the journey, little ones! I will always have a special place for both of you in my heart. Today is the day you leave my womb to join your mommy and daddy and make them a family. They've waited for you long enough!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

36 weeks!!!! YAY!!!!

Well I can't believe we made it this far, but it sure is a blessing! :)

I went to the chiropractor today and I explained to him that the OB is wanting to induce soon if the babies don't come on their own before then. I explained how I felt about that and the chiro was 100% on board with me. He agreed to try acupressure to see if it would help get things going. He said my body is more out of aligment than normal, which indicates there's a lot of Relaxin (a hormone that helps initiate labor). If the acupressure doesn't help me deliver this weekend, he said we can try acupuncture on Monday. If my body is ready, then it will happen. If it's not, then it won't. Works for me!

Well here's yet another belly pic! 36 weeks! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

OB appointment update

I saw Dr. K today and he did the Group B Strep test. I asked him to check for dilation too and I'm NOT dilated AT ALL! I'm really surprised because I had a few contractions wake me up during the night. Anyway, he said he'll induce when we hit 37 weeks. I'm not sure how I feel about that. As many know, I'm anti-interventions. However, Lucas is up in my rib and the pain has literally brought me to tears a time or two. I'm hoping he moves so I can deal better and then the twins will just choose their own birthday. If the babies have not come by this Sunday, Niki said she'll be coming up to stay until they arrive! :)

Dr. K told me to stop taking the terbutaline today! (Woo hoo!) And it seems we're still in agreement on our wishes for a natural delivery! (BIG WOO HOO!)

I'm still amazed how each pregnancy is so different. All my babies came early. I expected my last surrobaby to be early too, but we induced on her due date. And we just assumed twins would come early, but they're staying put so far...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Entering...The Twilight Zone

I must confess that I'm probably not as miserable as many might think I would be. Honestly, since my school let out and I've been able to rest at home, I'm feeling pretty good overall. But the past few nights have been really rough. Lucas was in my rib for a long time. Then he moved and it seemed to feel better. But 2 or 3 nights ago, he seemed to move back. I can't get comfortable at night and the rib hurts so bad, I want to cry. It's agonizing getting in and out of bed to go to the bathroom. I'm hoping maybe he moved head down again; then at least some good will have come from him moving again!

I've also noticed I have been sleeping SO much! I'm sleeping an average of 9.5 hours a night. (Of course, that doesn't count the endless times I wake up to go potty or reposition myself.) Then, yesterday afternoon, I fell asleep on the couch and took quite a long nap. This is very unusual for me. I realize I am growing two babies and carrying around some extra weight, but I have never slept like this with past pregnancies. A friend suggested it's my body preparing itself for labor. Perhaps, but I hope it's not going to last so long that I need THIS much energy! LOL

Well tomorrow is June! Looks like these babies may be June bugs! We're about to enter the 9th month. For those that know me well, it is time to avoid me until delivery. For those that don't know me as well, please don't take anything I say personal. Past experiences prove I am not an enjoyable person to be around the last few weeks of pregnancy. And as much as I realize it, I can't seem to control it. Hormones will fly. But sweet little me will be back...just as soon as two sweet little babies decide to make their way into this world. :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting anxious

I know we're all getting a bit anxious to meet these precious ones.  LD is probably the most anxious of all, since she feels she's as big as a house (but I think she looks fabulous!).  People are always saying stuff like "When are those babies going to get here?"  and all I can say is "When they get here!  They haven't let us in on their plans."

Nathan and I were talking the other day and both feel the same way.  We're really ready for the waiting for their birth day to arrive, but at the same time, we're not sure if we're ready to be parents.  Is anyone ever ready???  

That's another question I get constantly:  "Do you have everything ready yet?"  Standard answer: "If they come today, we'd be okay.  But that doesn't mean that everything is done.  I don't think that will ever happen!"

Ooh!  And the question I hate most:  "Aren't you glad you don't have to be the one carrying all that baby around?"  or  "Aren't you glad you get to sleep through the night for now?"  Ugh!  First version: "No.  I'd trade it in an instant." (people just don't get it, do they?)  Second version: "Are you kidding?  I haven't gotten to sleep through the night the past 4 months!  I'm inducing lactation and have to pump at night."  :P

I know they all mean well and our situation is a bit different to everyone.  I don't really mind answering the questions, because I figure it's just their way of trying to feel involved.  But sometimes I wish people would think a little bit before they speak. ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

35 weeks!

For the past few weeks, I've wondered if that will be the last belly pic we take. I bet the babies will look better in the pics than I do, but I guess they're a bit camera shy.

Please look past the stretch marks...lol.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our final ultrasound

Niki and Nathan came up for our final ultrasound today. We're 34 weeks, 6 days and the babies look great! The guesstimate is that both babies are about 5 and a half pounds each. (Wow! That's 11 pounds of baby!) Kyla is still head down; however, Lucas is now transverse (sideways). Dr. K says he wants to talk at my appointment on Monday and that makes me nervous...but, honestly, there's nothing to talk about. I'm assuming he's going to try to convince me of a c-section, but I could be wrong. Unless there's an emergency or a danger to me or the babies though, we will be delivering vaginally.

My cervix is measuring 3.1 cm, so that's awesome! I could easily be pregnant for another week or two. Then, again, with this being pregnancy #5 and it being twins, I could deliver anytime too. So, for now, we just wait...

Here's a pic of me with Niki and Nathan today. Hard to believe this was probably the last time I'll see them before the big day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Game On...Game Off...No, on...No, off...ah, who knows?

Yesterday started off great! I felt wonderful. I showered and tidied up the shower while I was in there. When I got out, I felt great and wanted to do more cleaning, but refrained. However, feeling so wonderful didn't last long. Lunchtime was coming, so I grabbed some lunch. But I wasn't feeling too well and I couldn't eat more than a couple of bites. Nausea had suddenly set in. I laid on the couch for only a second, when I knew I was going to get sick. Unfortunately, I got really sick...really, really, REALLY sick. And it wouldn't stop. Contractions then started. David was called and he left work to come take care of me. I had finally stopped vomiting by the time he was home, but I was still not feeling well and I was still contracting. He took me to L&D yet again.

They monitored me and I was having contractions about every 8 minutes, but they weren't too intense. They gave me a bag of IV fluids, some Zofran through the IV, and a shot of Brethine. Once the contractions subsided, they sent me home.

The nausea and contractions are still coming in waves, but are not as intense. Just when I think the contractions are bad enough to go in, they either stop or slow back down. These babies are going to keep us guessing until the very end, I guess. Wish they'd clue us in on their plans!

34 weeks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watched pot or ticking time bomb?

I had another appointment with Dr. K yesterday and everything seems to be going perfectly. He said he lets labor go at 36 weeks, but he won't be too aggressive in stopping it once we hit 34 weeks. That's in 2 more days!

I also had another NST yesterday and Kyla had the hiccups. It was so funny because they were loud coming through the monitor. I apparently have an "irritable uterus", but the babies look great and there were no major contractions to worry about.

I go back for another OB appointment and NST a week from today. Then Niki and Nathan will be here the following day for the final u/s.

I dropped off a copy of our pre-birth order, as well as our birth plan, to the social worker at the hospital yesterday. I think we have everything in order!

I don't feel like the babies are coming anytime real soon. I think we have another a week or two at least. But what do I know? It's not like I have a say...lol.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Won't be too much longer...

Well we're still pregnant! :) We hit 33 weeks yesterday and we're hoping for a few more weeks at least. Time is flying by and I can't believe how fast the big day is coming up. I'm so excited, yet scared to death too...lol.

I've been "taking it easy" for a few weeks now and my days are starting to just run together. The highlight of my week is going to my appointments...lol. I'm seeing the chiro twice a week, the OB once a week, and we just started the weekly non-stress tests (NSTs) this week also. We have one final u/s scheduled for 5/27 and Niki and Nathan plan to come up for that.

At my appointment this past Monday, I gave Dr. K the birth plan to look over and he approved and signed it. I also talked with the social worker at the hospital on Tuesday and she said she's made sure everyone is aware of our situation. My hospital bag is packed. Looks like we're ready when the babies are!

Here's the most recent belly pic, taken yesterday at 33 weeks.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keeping my legs crossed

So I end up in L&D last night. I was having a few contractions here and there and Dr. K suggested I go in to be monitored. Apparently, I was having more contractions than I was feeling. They decide to give me a shot of Brethine to help stop them. They also put in an IV (that took 4 attempts) to give me some fluids and an antibiotic (to make sure my UTI I had last week was really gone). I thought the Brethine was helping, but apparently I was still contracting and not knowing it. So they give me another shot of Brethine. Finally, they end up checking for dilation and I was not dilated at all. Thank goodness! I was sent home and told to follow up with my already scheduled appointment on Monday. Guess we'll see what he says then...

Hopefully the babies will cooperate and stay put for another 4-5 weeks. We're 32 weeks today!

Here's the scary, blinding pic. ;)

And here's what I see when I look down...lol.

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's May Day!

WOW...it's May! The babies will either be born this month or next (hopefully next)! I can't believe how time has flown.

I saw Dr. K this past Monday and we're still doing well. He checked for dilation and we're not dilated at all! YAY! I have lost some weight (I've had a virus, I think) and I'm now only 4 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I hate going the wrong way!

Then, last night, I woke up at 1 am and was in quite a bit of pain. I was pretty sure it was a UTI. It started to radiate to my kidneys though and the pain was getting worse. Finally, at 3, I woke up David and we headed up to the hospital. They fixed me up and I'm feeling a little better now. However, David's at work and I need to be studying for my final and we're both exhausted. Apparently, it wasn't noted that he and I do NOT need the extra practice for getting up in the middle of the night when the babies come...lol.

Here's this week's belly pic, taken yesterday at 31 weeks!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holy big belly, Batman!

We're 30 weeks today! Wow! Not much longer to go...

Getting bigger...

Yikes! Blinding, huh?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PBO done!

Today I got a text from LD that the PBO has been signed by the judge and is being filed with the court! :D

For those of you who don't know, the PBO (Pre Birth Order) is the document that is filed with the court that says N and I are the biological parents and we will go on the birth certificates.  I guess now that it's done I'm officially the mom in the eyes of the law! :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Roller coaster of emotions!

Yesterday, I had another ultrasound to check on the babies. They are doing well. Kyla was measuring a few days ahead and approximately 3 pounds. Lucas was measuring about a week a head and approximately 3.5 pounds. However, we were told the upper part of my cervix had begun to open and my cervix was thinning. I was put on terbutaline to relax my uterus and hopefully prevent contractions. I was also given 2 steroid shots, one yesterday and one today, to help the babies' lungs mature. Needless to say, this news worried us all.

However, we went to a perinatologist today for a fetal echo and we also got a closer look at my cervix. He thinks my cervix looks fine for where we are in the pregnancy! He also said the babies look wonderful and are growing very well. They're still measuring either right on track or slightly ahead. He estimated Kyla to be 3 pounds, 5 ounces and Lucas to be 3 pounds, 4 ounces. And neither baby showed any signs of any heart defects or any problems whatsoever. Niki had been worried that she would pass on her heart problems to the babies, but they look absolutely perfect! :) Oh...and we all got quite a kick of Kyla putting her feet in Lucas' face. Not sure if she was kicking him or making him smell her feet, but it was funny. I have to admit I feel sorry for them though...they're running out of room fast!

As for now, I will continue the terbutaline as my OB prescribed. It's making me extremely shaky and it makes my heart race, but it's worth it if it keeps these babies in awhile longer. I go back on Monday morning to see Dr. K, so we'll see what he says once he reviews the peri's report.

Hopefully these babies stay put for another 7-8 weeks at least!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yes, we still have a couple of months left before we meet our babies.  But the countdown is on, and it feels like we may not get everything done before they arrive.

Things left to do:
  1. Paint the nursery (we bought paint this weekend, and finally got the couch moved, but still need to clean a bit more before painting).
  2. Make curtains, blankets, wall decorations, etc. to accessorize the nursery.
  3. Put together the crib and other furniture.
  4. Find and purchase a dresser/changing table (we want a combo, to save space).
  5. Organize and put away all of these gifts from friends and family (right now they are piled in our living room and breakfast nook).
  6. Prepare for our BBQ Party (our last hurrah before adding babies to the mix).
  7. Host our BBQ Party.
  8. Video Race (this is scheduled for Memorial day weekend.  It's an annual event that we've never missed.  Hopefully we get to participate this year).
  9. Pack for the delivery (we'll need to have stuff ready if we happen to get a call saying "Come now!").
  10. Thoroughly clean/scrub/vacuum our house (we live like pigs.  Seriously.)
  11. Collapse from exhaustion, since it's the last time we'll get to collapse.  Ever.
Looking at our task list (which I'm sure I left lots of stuff off, but it's already intimidating enough) and the number of days we have that we won't be at work is making our heads spin.  Will we get it done?  Especially since Nathan has set the goal of having the babies' room done by our BBQ party, which is only two weeks away!  YIKES!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

12 weeks (probably less) to grow...errrr...go

We had the 28 week OB appointment yesterday. Both babies' heartbeats were nice and strong and everything was great. My blood pressure was 110/70 and I'm now 6.5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm supposed to go in for another u/s on Wednesday, but we'll have to see if I can make it since I have clinicals that day. Hopefully I can make it work. We also have the fetal echo on Thursday and Niki and Nathan will be here for that!

I've been feeling much better the past few days and I think I can thank the iron pills for that. However, my back and ribs are hurting more with each day. The chiro is doing what he can, but the babies are just getting bigger (which is good...for them anyway...lol). The braxton hicks are picking up, but I can usually get them to stop if I lay down and drink some water.

I'm getting more excited. I have a feeling the next few weeks will fly by!

28 weeks!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Third trimester is here! :)

Well after having a few dizziness episodes and being ignored by 2 hospitals, I finally convinced Dr. K to let me do my lab work a little early. When this all started, I thought it was my blood sugar. I later decided it's gotta be anemia. (I was anemic with my last pregnancy.) Well they finally tested me Tuesday and I was right. I'm anemic and I started my prescription iron pills today. I'm just so glad to know what's going on and I'm praying the pills help to stop the dizziness. Oh...and I passed my glucose test!

I've been going to the chiropractor and he's been such a blessing. Apparently, Kyla is so low that she's causing my pelvic pain. And Lucas is so high up, he's moving one of my lower ribs. (OW!) I can only imagine what will happen as they continue to grow...lol. I'm not 100% sure, but there should be about 5 pounds of baby altogether in my womb now. That's amazing to me considering my first child was 5 pounds even at birth...lol.

Today also marks the start of the 3rd trimester for us! I can't believe we're getting so close!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

How big can we grow?!?!

I'm huge. Here is a pic of me today at 26 weeks, 3 days with the dynamic duo (orange shirt) and a pic of me at 40 weeks (the due date) with my last surro baby (one baby girl). WOW!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My sappy, emotional, hormonal revelation

Wow, it's just amazing. I've been pregnant for awhile now. I've cared about these babies from day 1. But now that I've seen them in 3D/4D, I'm just blown away. There are REALLY two babies in my womb! I know this pregnancy hasn't been easy by any means, but seeing those pics make it even more worth while. I feel more protective of these kiddos now. No, I don't want them. I love them, but only as a surrogate should. I'm very excited about being a part of their lives. And I know the day of their births will be a day of celebration. It will be bittersweet...as my days of caring for them will be complete, yet their mommy and daddy will be just beginning their life journey with their dreams come true. Surrogacy is a beautiful thing and I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be part of this miracle.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Strike a pose!

So I saw Dr. K again yesterday. I've had so much pressure, I just knew he was going to tell me I was on bedrest from here on. But nope...all is well! He did the fetal fibronectin test, which helps determine if it's likely labor will start within the next 2 weeks. They said they'd call if it was positive and, of course, we're praying for it to be negative. So far, so good...I haven't heard from them! He'll be doing this test at my appointments every 2 weeks for awhile. My blood pressure was 110/60 and I'm finally starting to gain some weight. We scheduled the fetal echo for April 16th and I will be going for my glucose tolerance test and other bloodwork before my next appointment on 4/9. :)

I also had the 4D ultrasound repeated today. The babies cooperated a little bit better. We got quite a few pics of Lucas, but Kyla is so low (hence the pressure) that it was hard to get many of her. She is quite active though and was throwing her head back and kicking like crazy. Lucas had his bottom in her face...lol. That's right...he's breach now! He has time to turn still and, even if he doesn't, it's no biggie. As long as she's head down, we should be good to go with a vaginal delivery.

Lucas is on top, Kyla is on bottom. Aren't they precious?!?!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

100 days...

We have 100 days until the due date! (However, I have a feeling these little ones will be here before then.) Wow...this pregnancy is flying by!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Shower and 4D Ultrasound (take 1)

Sunday, I flew down for the baby shower. I had such a great time seeing all the babies' friends and family. I felt like I fit right in, even though I either hadn't met quite a few people or had only met them once or twice before. The babies got so many things and I think Niki and Nathan are almost set. The family was so thoughtful and bought me a few things too. I was shocked, as it was supposed to be Niki's day...but I am very grateful and appreciative.

Yesterday, Niki and Nathan came up for a 4D ultrasound. Unfortunately, the babies had plans of their own and decided to play a game of peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek. We caught glimpses of Lucas, but his cord was in front of his face and he kept his little hand up by his cheek. Kyla was hiding, yet she was so very active. We couldn't really see her face at all. So, we're going to try again on the 27th of March. Maybe (hopefully) they'll be a bit more cooperative then.

Here's Niki, Nathan, and me just before they left to go home.

We're 25 weeks today! I can't believe we're so close to the 3rd trimester already! Guess it's about time to start a new poll...

(There's a poll in the upper right hand corner of this blog. There's a bigger one at www.twins4nandn.babypool.com . Please go take a guess!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


We're 24 weeks today! Not that we're expecting or wanting the twins to come anytime soon; but if they did (God forbid), they'd have a chance of surviving! Today is a major milestone!

It's obvious the babies are growing well. Take a look for yourself! ACK!

Yes, it's real. See?

Monday, March 9, 2009

The pressure is on...or low...or something.

Well, as Niki posted, we had quite the surprise last week at the u/s! I think it's been a welcome surprise though and I love that I can now call these little ones by their names!

I've been having a tough time, but I'm hanging in there. I almost passed out again this morning in class. (Yes, this has happened in the past.) I missed the test I studied all weekend for, but obviously the teachers were very understanding and said I can finish it later. They insisted I get checked out and bring a release back before clinicals on Wednesday. So I did and they (the nurses and the doc) think it's just the pressure from the babies lowering my blood pressure and keeping blood from getting to my brain. I'm still not 100% convinced it's not partially my blood sugar, but I'll talk to Dr. K more about that Thursday at my appt. They said there's nothing I can really do about it, but the nurse suggested standing up or changing positions every 30 minutes or so. Normally, that's not an issue, but it might be kinda hard to do during lecture. Guess I'll just have to take more breaks. ;)

I have cut pretty much everything from my life, with the exception of school, my family, and the pregnancy, but I know that's still a lot. David and the kids have been pretty good about letting me sit on my butt when I'm at home and save my energy for school. I'm trying so hard to make it through this semester. Part of me wishes I could just give up, but I'm already half way there. It's one thing if the dr says I HAVE to, but I'll be so angry at myself if I just do it on my own. My dr says I'm doing just fine though and that I just have to adjust to the uncomfortableness of twins. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...lol. :)

On the upside, I've been feeling these babies move a lot...so at least I know they're doing well. I feel like I whine so much that I must appear very unhappy, but I really am happy. It's great to know the babies are thriving! And seeing Niki's and Nathan's expressions at the ultrasounds and reading their posts make me smile ear to ear. :D

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Change of plans

Yesterday was our Level II u/s.  It was so exciting to see our babies on the screen again.  They look like real babies! LOL  About halfway through the process, though, we got a surprise.  It seems that Baby 2, the one that was a bit shy last time, is actually a boy! :-)  So it looks like we're going to get one of each. :-)

Baby Boy- Lucas Grey (?)

Baby Girl- Kyla Rose

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ugh! No luck

The consignment sale had a few double strollers, but none I liked.  The one that I might have considered was broken in a couple of spots and there's no way I'm going to settle for a broken stroller just because it's $75.

My MIL bought a couple of puzzles and a stuffed lady bug (was supposed to make noise, but apparently only two of the 6 buttons work).  I have yet to make any purchases for the babies.  Honestly, I think I have what I need.  Some diapers and a onsie or two.  That's all we need, right?  ;-)  I'm just no good at this shopping thing. :-P

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness.

I just realized that if Dr. K has his way and he has these babies delivered at 36 weeks, then we have less than 100 days left to go before we meet our babies!  Holy cow!  I can't wait to see them on the u/s screen in just 4 days!!!

So now I feel completely unprepared...  We have nothing at all done for the nursery.  I've bought zero items for the babies (except some diapers, which were actually free).  I keep looking at stuff, then not getting it after all.  I think I'm waiting until after the shower.  Once I know what other people have already gotten, then I'll consider getting some stuff myself.

I found out that I will be out of town for a conference the weekend of the big multiples sale in April.  I'm so bummed, because I'd been looking forward to going to it.  However, I found out yesterday about a big consignment sale just down the street for all things baby that's going on this weekend.  I am going to try to go tomorrow and at least look at strollers (if they have any twin ones).  I'm still stuck on deciding which one to get.  The one I like is way too expensive to buy sight unseen (I can't find a store that actually has them to SEE).  So now I'm thinking about a different one (about half the price) but haven't been able to see it either.  When they say choosing a stroller is like choosing a car, they're not kidding!  I think part of me is hoping they'll have the more expensive stroller at the consignment sale for way cheaper and I can get it after all.  ;-)

Friday, February 27, 2009

22 weeks

I had another OB appointment yesterday. He didn't do much, but check the heartbeats (which were great) and write me a release to continue clinicals. He said he'll have the tech measure my cervical length again at our big u/s on Wednesday. I go back in two weeks and he'll begin doing the fetal fibronectin tests every 2 weeks from there (to test for possible preterm labor). He also said he won't let us go past 36 weeks or so, so that's only 14 weeks away! YIKES! However, if the babies and I are all doing well, I may be willing to argue with him on this. I understand the fear of uterine rupture, but I know many deliver twins at 37+ weeks with no problems. Seems like the babies could use that extra time to help their lungs mature. We'll see what Niki and Nathan think and how it goes when and if we get that far.

We have the ultrasound Wednesday, March 4th. Niki and Nathan's baby shower is March 15th (and I'm looking forward to being there for it)! Then we have a 4D ultrasound scheduled for March 18th. Oh...and I'm going for a prenatal massage tomorrow! :)

Here's a belly pic from Tuesday night (we were 21 weeks, 5 days). I'm gonna be HUMONGOUS!!!! However, I'm actually having trouble gaining weight. Babies are growing well apparently, but I'm not gaining any pounds. The dr didn't seem concerned though.