Friday, May 15, 2009

Won't be too much longer...

Well we're still pregnant! :) We hit 33 weeks yesterday and we're hoping for a few more weeks at least. Time is flying by and I can't believe how fast the big day is coming up. I'm so excited, yet scared to death

I've been "taking it easy" for a few weeks now and my days are starting to just run together. The highlight of my week is going to my I'm seeing the chiro twice a week, the OB once a week, and we just started the weekly non-stress tests (NSTs) this week also. We have one final u/s scheduled for 5/27 and Niki and Nathan plan to come up for that.

At my appointment this past Monday, I gave Dr. K the birth plan to look over and he approved and signed it. I also talked with the social worker at the hospital on Tuesday and she said she's made sure everyone is aware of our situation. My hospital bag is packed. Looks like we're ready when the babies are!

Here's the most recent belly pic, taken yesterday at 33 weeks.

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