Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do these babies make me look fat? :)

We'll be 18 weeks tomorrow! I'm guessing we're getting close to half way there for twins! It seems to be flying by. I'm still feeling good, but indigestion has hit the past few days. I'll take that over nausea any day though! :)

17 weeks, 6 days

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Knock, knock...guess who!

I was just laying here finishing up homework when I felt the babies move (or at least one of them). I thought they felt pretty strong, so I lifted up my shirt and watched. Sure enough...I could see little wiggles from within! I can't believe it! I've never *seen* movements this early before! Wow, there really are babies in

I called Niki because I thought she'd want to know. She's trying to figure out a time when she might be able to see for herself. I can't wait for her to witness this!

Well I've been feeling pretty good and I am loving every minute of this now. I was wondering how twins would be different from a singleton. I learned that the first trimester with twins is much more difficult in regards to exhaustion, morning sickness, etc. But the second trimester is so much fun in regards to feeling twice as much movement and being able to distinguish between their personalities. I have to admit I'm a little worried how different the third trimester will It will all be worth it though when these littles ones are born and in Nathan's and Niki's arms!

Our appointment with Dr. K went well last week. Babies are measuring about 5 days ahead and both have the longest legs I've ever seen on a baby! One baby was being pretty shy and the other was pretty obvious. The doc thinks they may both be girls. We have another appointment on February 17th and our "big ultrasound" should be about 2 weeks after that. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by!

I guess it's time for another belly pic. I'll ask David to snap one tonight.

Monday, January 19, 2009

On matters of color...

Today is a day set aside for Americans to honor the memory of the inimitable Dr. Martin Luther King. While I am certainly not the most qualified individual to extoll the man's virtues, I can tell you that MLK is worthy of being celebrated for his contributions towards desegregation and helping to bring America closer to her founding ideal that all men are created equal.

Today is also a day that we, as Americans, stand at the precipice of history. In less than 24 hours Barack Obama will be elected the first black President of the United States. While I do work tomorrow, I hope that I can find the time to watch this momentous occasion as it happens.

To say that issues of color are on the collective mind of our great nation would be an understatement.

Niki and I are no different. Today is the day Niki and I joined LaDonna at Dr. K's office in OKC to determine the colors of our children.

"Uh, Nathan," I hear you say, "You and Niki are white. Your children will be white."

"Yeah," I would reply, "you'd think that. But you'd be wrong. While he's not 100% certain and has warned us not to take the tags off anything, Dr. K believes Thing 1 and Thing 2 will be of a more Christmasy variety..."

Kyla Rose

Alyssa/Ashley Jade

We'll try to cope.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tomorrow can't get here fast enough!

So I happened to look over at our gender poll and see that boy/girl and girl/girl are neck and neck.  Wouldn't it be funny if we find out tomorrow that we're having boy/boy?! LOL  Somehow I doubt it, but you never know!

Anyway, as LD has said, I'm so super excited about tomorrow.  I feel like it's been forever since I've seen her or the babies (it's been since Thanksgiving!).  It's been pure torture!  At least I have the best GS in the world who sends me pics, calls us so we can hear the heart beats, and IMs me almost every day (except lately I've been going to bed WAY too early and missing her. :-( ).  I'm starting to look for nursery stuff (and amazingly Nathan isn't balking! LOL) and thinking about starting a registry.  My sister is planning a shower for us, so that's getting me pretty excited too.   I guess things are starting to feel a little more real (though still not completely).  

I told the women at the Mothers of Multiples meeting that I went to last Thursday (I can't believe I'm allowed to belong to a mother's group now!) that I had been reading tons of parenting twins books.  They all said "Stop reading!  It'll only scare you."  But I had to explain to them, it's the only way I can feel connected and like this is really happening.  If I don't spend time reading and focusing on the babies, I have nothing to remind me that they're coming.  Unlike all of them with their preggo bellies.  Once I explained they nodded and said that it made sense.  It's funny, but until I explained it to them I don't think I even realized why I was doing all of this reading!  Funny how the subconscious works!

Today we are celebrating my grandfather's 90th birthday (it was last Tuesday).  I'm so excited that he is still here to meet my babies.  At the same time I'm a little nostalgic that Nathan's grandmother passed away in December and will not get to meet her great grandchildren.  At least she was alive long enough to find out that her grandson would get to be a dad after all.  I know she is up there with George, smiling down at the miracle that God has provided for us all...

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm lovin' it!

And no, I don't mean McDonald'

I just want say that I'm really, truly enjoying being pregnant now. This past week has been pretty wonderful. I'm feeling the babies move more. I can find their heartbeats pretty easily usually. My belly is more round and not so "flabby" anymore. And I'm feeling so much better too! (I haven't figured out if that's because I'm in the second trimester, because Dr. K gave me the 8 mg Zofran, or because I've been too busy to feel sick.)

The best part? I can sense the excitement in Niki's emails and IMs! Only 2 more days and Niki and Nathan will be here and we'll (hopefully) get to see these little ones again! :)

PS - Babies love oranges this week...and orange juice...and anything orange flavored!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is it the 19th yet?!?!

Well I ran out of lovely Zofran a couple days ago, so I called the dr's office and the nurse called more in. When I went to pick it up, the pharmacist said they renewed the prescription; however, they changed the dosage. They had me on 4 mg and upped it to 8 mg! She said 4 mg wouldn't do much, so she's wondering why they didn't have me on 8 mg to begin with. too! Well, anyway, the 8 mg is wonderful! I don't always have an appetite, but I am definitely eating more now and the nausea is gone. YAY! :)

I found the babies' heartbeats again earlier today. The one I think may be a girl was at 145 and the one I think may be a boy was at 140. Only 8 more days until we find out if I'm right on their genders...hopefully. The one I think is a girl is very calm and laid back, kinda like Niki. The other is a little stinker. He/she moves all over the place and apparently does NOT like me to listen to his/her heartbeat. I'll find it and then he/she moves. I think that one must be like

I took another belly pic. I sure don't think I look as big in the mirror as I do when I take a pic. Why is that? Oh...and yes, I chopped the hair off. Between school and the pregnancy, it had to go! And I had to take the pic myself since David was at work. (It gave me a chance to play with my new phone

15 weeks, 2 days

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Turtle time

The last 14 weeks seem to have flown by.  I'm sure this second trimester is going to feel much slower, since we won't have all of the appointments we had in the beginning.  Then it will speed up again in the third trimester when the appointments will pick up again.  

The time between appointments this go-round is taking FOREVER!  I still have 2 more weeks to wait to see my babies (and my LD) again. :-(  They're going to be HUGE (all three of them!).  And we might even be able to find out the genders.  I have to say, I'm dying to know!

I'm starting to get interested in shopping for the babies.  Up to this point, I didn't feel a pull to it (though I admit I did look on the internet a little when I was bored).  But now I am getting excited about outfitting the nursery.  Of course, I still plan to go simple (no need to go crazy), but I can't help pondering crib choices, stroller options, and various other quandaries.  Funnily, I'm not interested in clothing just yet...  Perhaps once I know the genders?  Though I'm sure I still won't be all that gung-ho on clothing, since I'm not much on clothing shopping for me! ;-)

Nathan and I figure we'll get started on the nursery in February/March.  That should give us plenty of wiggle room, in case the babies decide to come early (Please, God, not any earlier than 36 weeks!).  My sister wants to throw a baby shower for us in April, but LD may not be able to travel then, so we are thinking about March instead.  And the annual Multiples Sale is in April, so I imagine we should be all set come May.

One of the twins books that I read suggests not having the "traditional" baby shower and instead throwing a huge party with everyone you know and ask that they bring a case of diapers instead of a gift.  The author said she and her husband did this and ended up not needing to buy diapers for two years!  Of course, how you control the sizes people bring, I don't know.  Nathan and I are considering this option, but I'll have to talk to my sister first.  It would be nice to not have to go poor on diapers. ;-)

Okay, so I'm just rambling now...  Felt the need to update, even though there's not much to update.  LD says she's only feeling nauseous in the mornings now, but she's still not gaining much weight because food doesn't sound good or she feels full after only a few bites.  I hope the eating thing gets easier!  I don't want her to waste away!