Sunday, January 25, 2009

Knock, knock...guess who!

I was just laying here finishing up homework when I felt the babies move (or at least one of them). I thought they felt pretty strong, so I lifted up my shirt and watched. Sure enough...I could see little wiggles from within! I can't believe it! I've never *seen* movements this early before! Wow, there really are babies in

I called Niki because I thought she'd want to know. She's trying to figure out a time when she might be able to see for herself. I can't wait for her to witness this!

Well I've been feeling pretty good and I am loving every minute of this now. I was wondering how twins would be different from a singleton. I learned that the first trimester with twins is much more difficult in regards to exhaustion, morning sickness, etc. But the second trimester is so much fun in regards to feeling twice as much movement and being able to distinguish between their personalities. I have to admit I'm a little worried how different the third trimester will It will all be worth it though when these littles ones are born and in Nathan's and Niki's arms!

Our appointment with Dr. K went well last week. Babies are measuring about 5 days ahead and both have the longest legs I've ever seen on a baby! One baby was being pretty shy and the other was pretty obvious. The doc thinks they may both be girls. We have another appointment on February 17th and our "big ultrasound" should be about 2 weeks after that. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by!

I guess it's time for another belly pic. I'll ask David to snap one tonight.

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Niki said...

Man! I wish I could come up there right now! Hmm... Think N would have a problem with me taking tomorrow off from work. ;-) (Just kidding, Nathan!)

Thank you so much for calling me! I <3 you!!!