Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tomorrow can't get here fast enough!

So I happened to look over at our gender poll and see that boy/girl and girl/girl are neck and neck.  Wouldn't it be funny if we find out tomorrow that we're having boy/boy?! LOL  Somehow I doubt it, but you never know!

Anyway, as LD has said, I'm so super excited about tomorrow.  I feel like it's been forever since I've seen her or the babies (it's been since Thanksgiving!).  It's been pure torture!  At least I have the best GS in the world who sends me pics, calls us so we can hear the heart beats, and IMs me almost every day (except lately I've been going to bed WAY too early and missing her. :-( ).  I'm starting to look for nursery stuff (and amazingly Nathan isn't balking! LOL) and thinking about starting a registry.  My sister is planning a shower for us, so that's getting me pretty excited too.   I guess things are starting to feel a little more real (though still not completely).  

I told the women at the Mothers of Multiples meeting that I went to last Thursday (I can't believe I'm allowed to belong to a mother's group now!) that I had been reading tons of parenting twins books.  They all said "Stop reading!  It'll only scare you."  But I had to explain to them, it's the only way I can feel connected and like this is really happening.  If I don't spend time reading and focusing on the babies, I have nothing to remind me that they're coming.  Unlike all of them with their preggo bellies.  Once I explained they nodded and said that it made sense.  It's funny, but until I explained it to them I don't think I even realized why I was doing all of this reading!  Funny how the subconscious works!

Today we are celebrating my grandfather's 90th birthday (it was last Tuesday).  I'm so excited that he is still here to meet my babies.  At the same time I'm a little nostalgic that Nathan's grandmother passed away in December and will not get to meet her great grandchildren.  At least she was alive long enough to find out that her grandson would get to be a dad after all.  I know she is up there with George, smiling down at the miracle that God has provided for us all...

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