Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good news, bad news.

First, the good news is that everything is fine. LaDonna started feeling funny downstairs (I believe her medical term was "cervical twinges") and since she was at the hospital anyway for clinicals, she took a trip to her old OB to make sure things were copacetic. Which they are. The doc said everything looks good and that LaDonna and the babies are doing fine.

Yes. You heard me right. Babies. The ultrasound shows two little yolk sacks chillaxin' in her uterus. See for yourself.

And now for the bad news. I'm not convinced it's twins. On closer examination, I'm pretty damn sure we're having a robot...

Are you kidding me?!

Okay, some of you people are just plain mean.  Six people have voted for triplets?!  Seriously?!  You can't honestly think we have a splitter, can you?  You're just trying to freak us out.  Yes, that's all it is.  Because God does not give us more than we can handle, and quite frankly I could not handle triplets.  EEK!  While it might be cool to have a set of identicals, I do not think that it would be a good idea to have a heart patient, who has to have surgery every 2-5 years, to be the mother of triplets!  Can' you imagine?!  Twins is scary enough!  I'm sorry, but I just don't think Nathan and I want to be outnumbered by our kids quite so quickly.  Two is more than enough.

And think of poor LD!  There's no way that carrying triplets would be in her favor.  She's in school.  How could she make it to the end of the semester if there are three?  As it is, we're praying that two won't have her end up on bedrest (I doubt it will, but the chances to get higher with multiples).

So all you mean people who said triplets, please go back and change your vote.  :-P  Either that, or be proven wrong on Nov. 7th.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On the lookout...

As I walked towards the shower today, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror... with grey-hair at my temples. Whoa! I did a double-take and found that I, in fact, do not have greying hair at my temples.

Then it hit me! I must've caught a glimpse of my future self after the kids are born. The countdown to grey hairs has begun. Unless the young'n's make me bald first...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Third and final beta

The results are in and they are......... 1334!!! :-)  There is no doubt in my mind that we've got two little beans growing in there. :-)

Now we have to wait until 11/7 (11 days, but who's counting? ;-) ) to find out how many there are and (hopefully) see a heart beat.  It's going to be TORTURE to wait!  I talked to the nurse at our RE's office and she said that if we're doing an u/s at LD's OB office then we don't need to do one down here (unless we want to).  LD and I kind of want to, but I'm going to discuss it with Nathan.  I'm not sure what he'll think.  On the one hand, we'd save money on getting LD a plane ticket to come down.  On the other hand, we'd get to see our baby(ies) again. :-)  I guess we'll see what he says and go from there.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It's Niki's and David's birthdays today!!!! Today is's the day two of my favorite people came into the world! I hope you both have a fantabulous day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tired and thirsty!

For the past few days I have been so exhausted. I'll start dozing off watching TV or surfing the internet. Even while having a conversation with someone, I find myself getting heavy eyed. I had to give in to a nap this evening. Guess I need to schedule time for a nap daily for awhile? Also, I'm so thirsty. I don't know if it's the weather or the pregnancy or both, but I think I've been a bit dehydrated. I've had so much water and lemonade today though that I'm surprised I haven't floated away yet.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beta #2 (the "official" one)

Today was the day we were supposed to get our first beta.  LD went in this morning  and was able to get the results from her friend at the OB's office before they had even sent it to the RE.  So I got a text around 12:40 from LD with just the #: 254!  At the same time I also got a text from Nathan saying "Friggin' overachievers!"  I read the wrong one first. ;-)  

I texted to Nathan "Holy cow!" and he wrote back "Yeah.  We're either having twins, or Andre the Giant."  I told him LD would probably prefer twins. ;-)

Later I got a phone call from the nurse at the RE's office.  She said she had heard we cheated and already knew we were pregnant from the HPT (apparently LD spilled that much, but not that she snuck a beta too ;-) ).  She told me the beta number and then said that the next beta will be on Monday.  She said "If the next beta doubles as it should, LaDonna will need to come down for an ultrasound around Nov. 14th or so."  I didn't bother telling her we already knew they were doubling (and are confident it will continue to do so) and have an u/s set up for Nov. 7th. :-D  LD and I talked about it and I think we're going to try to have the u/s down here on the 21st instead so that there will be two weeks between the first and second.  Of course, I'll be talking to Nathan tonight to get his opinion before I set anything up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HPTs and Betas

Well, I could be torturous and drag this out... I seriously considered it... But I couldn't figure out the best way... So I guess I'll just tell you.

When I got home from work (I left a little early so I would be home quicker) I told Nathan "I'm going to go change my pants." He said "Really? I figured you'd be calling LD as you walked in the door." After I changed I came in and we got online and texted LD to call us on our home phone, since it has speaker phone. She called, then set the phone down to go pee in a cup. When she got back on the phone we tried to get our video chat working and it kept messing up. We were freaking out. LD put the HPTs (she dipped 3 of them!) face down so that we could all see at the same time. It kept cutting in and out, and it was pretty blurry, but on one of the tests we were very clearly able to see the results.

Once we saw the results we figured we might as well find out the results of the beta she had drawn yesterday... Only she had to leave a message. Then I reminded her that she has a friend who works in the OB office, so she called her friend and got her to look up the beta number.

Are you ready?

Are you sure??

WE'RE PREGNANT!!!! The HPTs all showed clear positives and the beta was 123!!! Nathan and LD are freaking that one split. But I don't think so. It's two. That's all. And that's scary enough. ;-)

My Turn

Six things that make me happy (in no particular order):

1.  When the people I love are happy.
2.  Children's laughter.
3.  Nathan's humor (most of the time ;-) ).
4.  Playing or snuggling with my doggies.
5.  Seeing my mom.
6.  Nathan's hugs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I got tagged, so I guess I'll respond.

LaDonna tagged me.

6 things that make me happy (in no particular order):

1). When the kids are getting along.
2). When the house is clean.
3). When I can park in the garage.
4). When I get my "Fairlane".
5). When I have time to draw.
6). When my wife is home.

Not much longer...

I interviewed a new doctor today and I love her! Dr. F will be the one to deliver Niki's and Nathan's little one(s) if this worked. She was concerned about the amount of estrace and PIO the RE has me on, so she wanted to check my levels. And yes, she drew a beta too. However, we will not be hearing the results until after Thursday's beta, when they call with those results. Good news is we'll have something to compare Thursday's beta with. Bad news is we're still waiting. Be patient, friends. If all of you are so anxious, just imagine how *I* feel right now! We're testing tomorrow evening...not sure the exact time yet though.

Oh...and if Thursday's beta is positive, we'll go in on November 7th for an ultrasound!

Monday, October 20, 2008

LaDonna's been tagged!

Christine tagged me.

6 things that make me happy (in no particular order):

1). My children giggling and playing (nicely) together.
2). Sweet cuddles from my fur babies.
3). My husband, especially when he's in a lovey mood.
4). Ice cream.
5). Knowing God loves me unconditionally.
6). Peeing on hpts and watching them turn positive. (I've been stripped of this happiness until Wednesday.) :(

Niki, David, and Nathan: You all are tagged.

Torturing LD

LD is currently on the phone with Nathan, trying to convince him to let her POAS tonight.  He's being stubborn and won't budge.  While I'd love to know now, I kind of think it's funny to see how crazy Nathan is making her.  It's nice to know he's not selective in his torture! ;-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hiding from the world for 4 more days...

ACK! Nathan may fear David, but I'm scared of Nathan. (If you read the comments, you'll see why!)

For everyone asking and begging me to test, bug off. Four more days. If I (of all people) can be patient, so can you! :oP

Just for the record

Jadine, LD is NOT allowed to test without us, so don't you go trying to convince her otherwise. :-P  Our plan is to test when we can all be "present" to find out the results together.  You are not allowed to know the results before I do, so you can just hold your horses. ;-)

With that said, I'm just as obsessed as LD.  I'm ready to know the results, but also don't want to test early because I don't know how I'd handle a BFN, even if there was still a possibility of a pos later.  We're all keeping ourselves busy until Wednesday night.  We will not all be "together" (I say this, because we will be testing over the phone/video chat) until then.  I'm just ready for Wednesday to get here!!!!

My sister and mom came up this weekend with my 16 month old nephew.  At least I have a good distraction for now!  And with LD heading to Branson, she'll have to be good as well.  We WILL conquer the lure of the pee sticks! ;-)

Friday, October 17, 2008


I had a dream last night that Niki and Nathan wanted me to go ahead and test today (3dp5dt). In my dream, I took the hpt first thing in the morning and the test line came up before the control line. For that to happen this early, there'd most definitely have to be twins in there. Niki told me yesterday that she had a dream the night before that I tested and it was a dark positive. We're both doing it. Yeah, can we say "obsess"?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great scott! I'm one of them...

While I'll gladly humor you and look at pictures of your little rugrats, I've never quite understood why parents invariably think that everyone else is pining for the opportunity to gaze upon their progeny...

Today I lost count of how many times I yanked out the iPhone to show off Thing 1 and Thing 2. I can almost hear the chanting... "One of us! One of us! One of us!"

P.S. - Without fail, my coworkers all pointed out how much they look like me. The vast majority made cracks about similarity being primarily in the nose. Dear Lord, I hope not.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And a few Egg Retrieval Day pics too!

Here are some pics from Niki's egg retrieval. Obviously, I wasn't there...but the pics need to be posted because this was a big day too!!!!

Nathan waiting for Niki to be called back

Niki's all ready! She looks better in the cap and gown than I do. ;)

She chose the beautiful yellow socks for good luck that day.


Well I'm home and I miss Nathan and Niki already. At least I got to take a little bit of them home with me, right? LOL

Well Niki has pretty much updated on how it all went. I've pretty much been a bum since transfer and hopefully the little embies will like me enough to stick around. I've been bribing them with ice cream.

Here are pics from our big day!

Waiting to leave the house

Niki and I are ready to go, but where oh where is Nathan?

Niki being silly just before we left the house

Who wants Krispy Kreme? I do, I do!!!!

Nathan finishing off my french fries from McDonald's (for good luck).

Aw, aren't they cute?!?! (See embies...your mommy and daddy are great and are waiting for you!)

Niki and Nathan with a pic of their maybe babies

Nathan keeping us occupied with his humor.

Green and yellow are the colors of fertility, so Niki and I wore these socks for good luck.

Niki giggling like a little She was so cute and so excited!

Niki's still

Niki snapped the pic in

Niki and Nathan in their space suits...ready to go in for transfer.

I'm all ready too!

And torture...I mean bedrest begins. (My bladder was full and I couldn't get up for 30

I'm telling the embies where they belong for about the next 8 months or so. (I hope they listen to me better than my kids do!)

The 3...err...4...ummm...5 of us?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Picture

Here's little "Thing One" and "Thing Two."  Their very first picture! ;-)  Please pray that at least one of them decides to stick around for the next 8.5 months!

The deed is done

This morning I think we were all a bit anxious and excited.  LD even woke up before nine! ;-)  We all got decked out in our green shirts (N and I wore our green Oklahoma shirts to humor LD and she wore the green "Let's go get knocked up" shirt that I bought for her).  I also had a pair of green and a pair of yellow socks, so LD and I wore one of each just to be silly (I'll post pictures later).  LD also had a glass of pineapple juice for luck (they say it helps the embryos to stick?).  LD gave me a beautiful bracelet that has the words "believe," "dream," "trust," "hope," "love," "laugh," and "live" written on it and dangly hearts between each word.  It couldn't have been any more perfect!  We've had a lot of ALL of those things in this journey so far and I know they will continue.

We left the house around 10:05 so we could stop by Krispy Kream for some breakfast before going down to visit a friend of ours who had a planned c-section (for TRIPLETS) set up for the same time as our transfer, at the same hospital.  We were able to pop in and visit for a little while as the nurses were getting things ready for what was to come.  LD rubbed her belly for luck (I told her not to rub TOO hard, as we don't want to end up with triplets too) and we visited a little with her IPs and the babies' grandparents.  I could see that the IPs were very nervous and excited.  I can only hope we will be in their shoes in 8 or so months!

When we left we still had an hour before we needed to be at the ARTS department, so we decided to go get some McDonald's fries.  We still got to the waiting room about a half hour early, but we really didn't have to wait all that long (or at least, the time seemed to go by pretty quickly).  We were all very excited, but I think I might have been the most giddy.  LD and N were laughing at me and N said he couldn't remember ever seeing me beam quite so much (oh, just you wait! ;-) ).  They each had to get a picture of me bouncing in my seat.

The embryologist came in with a picture of two of our little embryos.  She told us that they were "above average" and showed us the part that will become the placenta.  LD said she's never seen that in any of her previous transfers (the placenta part, not the picture).  The embryologist said we had the option of transferring both of the embryos or just one of them.  She said that we had a "good" chance of having twins if we put both in.  I was scared to make a decision.  I have said for a long time that I only want one at a time, but with the way things have been going lately the idea of twins has slowly started to grow on me.  N too, apparently.  In the end, we decided to transfer two because we would be happy with two, but devastated with none, so we wanted to increase our chances and put back both of them.  Besides, they were just so darn cute. ;-)

Dr. C showed up and we asked if both N and I could go back with them.  He had no problems with that, so we suited up and were taken right back to the procedure room.  We sat above LD's head as Dr. C did the deed.  We watched the monitor, but honestly I have no idea what I was looking at.  I THINK I saw some bubbles traveling on the monitor, but I couldn't tell you where they were going! ;-)  The whole thing was over so fast!  

LD moved over to the gurney and was taken back to our little room to wait the 30 minutes before she could get up.  Her poor bladder was about to explode!  We asked what time she would be allowed to get up and were told 1:35.  So, needless to say, as SOON as the clock ticked over to 1:35 she told N to go find out if she could get up.  I think she would have jumped over the bed rail if the nurse hadn't come in and made her wait until she lowered the bed! ;-)  As soon as LD came back from the restroom we were able to gather our things and leave.  N decided we should keep the "space suits" for Halloween costumes, so we brought them home as well.

LD is now taking a nap in "her" room.  While I've been yawning like crazy, I think my mind is still spinning a little too much to actually sleep right now.  It feels so surreal.  I can't believe we made it to transfer!  Waiting for the beta is going to be VERY nerve wracking!

The only thing that worries me...

The only thing that worries me at this point in the transfer cycle is the wrath of LaDonna's husband. Not because he's an inherently scary and/or violent guy. Not because she cheekily exposed herself to me yesterday evening. And not because I spent a whole day unsupervised with his wife and in a week or two she's gonna turn up pregnant...

No, I fear the wrath of David because yesterday I took LaDonna to see Body of Lies, and in doing so enabled her DiCaprio fetish. Dude's gonna kill me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

'Twas the night before transfer...

Hmmmm...well I should be going to sleep since we have such a big day tomorrow. Then again, I will get 24 hours of rest after the transfer.

I'm just laying here thinking this may be my last night not pregnant for about 9 months. No, I'm not at all sad about it. I hope this *is* the last good night's sleep I get without having to get up to pee every 3-4 hours or without getting a horrible leg cramp. I'm really hoping and praying this transfer works...not just because of the miracle itself, but because Niki and Nathan will have to put up with me for at least another 9 months. And I kinda like them. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm here!

Well I've made it to Niki's and Nathan's house! I'm full of Mexican food and ice cream and I have internet. Life is good! :)

Oh...and I sent Nathan an invite to post here too. We'll see if he decides to or not...

Holy cow!

We got the embryo report a little while ago.  I'm still in shock!  Here's what they said:

11- excellent
3- good
2- average

Transfer will be on Tuesday at 12:30.  We are to arrive at 12:00.

OMG!  LD is going to be pregnant!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

Friday, October 10, 2008


I got a call from the ARTS department to let me know that of the 20 eggs they got yesterday they were able to ICSI 19 of them and as of today 16 have fertilized. :o  We're absolutely amazed.  They will call again with an update on Sunday and the transfer will be on Tuesday (don't have a time yet, but they said typically between 12 and 1:30).

So apparently we're fertile.  Did we really need the ICSI???  And now LD is freaking out that we're going to get a splitter.  This is what I have to say about that:  NO splitting.  There.  My kids, they have to listen. ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Egg Retrieval

I'm laying here on the couch with a heating pad on my midsection in mucho pain. I till have another hour before I can take some more tylenol. :-(

At any rate, here's a summary of this morning:

We arrived at the ARTS department at 8:00 and waited in the waiting room for awhile. I think we were taken back pretty close to 8:15, but I didn't look at the time. I changed and the nurse came in to ask the laundry list of questions they always ask. That took a long time, since I have such an extensive medical history. At 9:10 the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me and hooked up my IV. The nurse said Dr. C would be coming downstairs so we could get started shortly... So we waited.... and waited... and waited. At 9:25 the nurse came in again and said that Dr. C had gotten delayed and would be down in a few minutes. Once again we waited... and waited... and waited (it's important to note that at this point, I was getting VERY annoyed and apprehensive). FINALLY at 10:00 Dr. C showed up and we immediately went to the OR and I was put into the stirrups. The anesthesiologist must have given me something in the IV because the next thing I know, I'm waking up in the room with Nathan (He didn't get to come into the OR with me, as much as he wanted to).

I was told they will be calling later with an updated count, but for now we know there are 20 eggs. We had told the nurse we only wanted to ICSI 10 of the eggs (after 10 the price goes up), but Dr. C called me and said he didn't think that was a good idea, so I gave in and said to go ahead and ICSI all of them. Hopefully it's worth it! I can't wait to find out tomorrow how many fertilize!

At first I was only slightly uncomfortable, but not in much pain. It has only been the last hour or so that I've started to feel actual pain. Hopefully that will subside soon. 

Thanks for the prayers everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I survived!

The first PIO shot is done! I had to clear my mind of nursing school. It wasn't so bad, I guess. ;) First one down...

Hint taken

Okay, I guess I'm supposed to write about my trigger shot last night. ;-)

First of all, Nathan was very excited that he made it home in time to be here for the injection.  He set the alarm on his iPhone to make sure we did it exactly on time.  He said he wanted to give the shot to me because "I figure if we're going to have a baby I should poke you at least once."  I asked him where he wanted me to stand and he said "Maybe you should get on the bed."  I just rolled my eyes at him and told him to give me the darn shot.  Once it was done (wasn't too bad) he poured us each a glass of wine and we toasted "to baby making." LOL.  He's silly, but I love him!

1.5 inches into my dorsal gluteus?

I have to say my IPs (intended parents) are quite amusing. Niki needs to post about the shot Nathan gave her last night because the story made me giggle. :) I just love them.

Well I start the PIO injections tonight. For some reason, I'm a bit anxious about it. I guess it's because I'm in nursing school and I've seen lots of needles lately. I now realize how long those boogers really are. With previous transfers, I'd draw up the injection; but I never paid much attention to the needle since David took the cap off just before giving it to me. So, anyway, after seeing so many classmates break and bend needles (as I'm pretty darn good at it if I say so myself), I guess I'm a bit nervous. The nursing instructors also emphasize that giving injections in the dorsal gluteus (upper outer area of the booty) is not the best place for injections because of the risk of hitting the sciatic nerve. Now this will be my 8th transfer and David has always given me the shots and he has yet to hit the sciatic nerve *knock on wood*, so I'm just being silly. Right? Hrm. Although I'm a bit nervous, I'm VERY excited and hopeful (that my loving, wonderful husband won't hit my sciatic nerve or break the needle).

Niki's retrieval is tomorrow! This is finally happening... :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonight's the night!

I went in for my sono and blood work today and I was told my follicles are ready! :-)  They measured 18 and said 10 of those measured at least 15 or more (15 what I'm not sure... ;-) ).  From the sonographer's reaction, I'm assuming this is good news. ;-)  I'm to take my last lupron shot and the "trigger" shot (ovadril) at 9:15 tonight so I'll be ready for a 9:15 AM egg retrieval on Thursday.  We're right on schedule! :-)

I have to laugh at my DH, though.  He seems to be VERY excited about this last shot.  So much so that he's been texting me all day to find out what time I'll need to take it (didn't find out until after 2:30) so he would know if he'd be able to be home from work in time.  I get the impression he wants to give the shot to me and I'm not sure how I feel about that. ;-)  I've given myself all but one of the shots so far.  The one that he gave to me ended up bruising the worst of any (I don't think it was his fault, as I had trouble with the needle too and that is why he took over).  When I finally texted him the time his response was "Sweet!  I should be able to be there.  We could toast!"  It took some restraint not to laugh out loud (I was in a workshop). LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting closer!

I just got the call from the RE's office.  My estrogen is 4543, but I'm "not quite ready" so I'm to continue taking the same does of Gonal F.  They measured 14 follicles ranging in size from 13.5 to 17.  She told me all of the measurements, but she was talking so fast I didn't catch them all.  Tomorrow I go in for another sonogram and hopefully I'll be "ready" and can do my trigger shot tomorrow night.  That will put the retrieval on Thursday as planned.  I can't believe we're getting so close!!! :D

Nice and fluffy!

Well my lining looks perfect! They like it to be at least 10 mm with a tri linear stripe and mine measured 15.7 mm with a tri linear stripe! We're still waiting to hear back from the nurse on Niki's appointment, but I'm sure all is perfect! YAY! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm here too!

And super excited about this week.  It's going to be a doozie! ;)  I can't wait for LD to come down so we can be silly and obsessive together (well, in person anyway)! :)

New Beginnings!

Well we're not far from our surrogacy transfer and my previous journals are being shut down. we are! We might as well start off fresh, right?

Niki goes in tomorrow for another sono and some bloodwork. I'm going in to see Dr. K tomorrow to check my uterine lining. Niki's egg retrieval is scheduled for Thursday, with the transfer being 3-5 days later! We're very hopeful and very excited!

Here's to new beginnings!