Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not much longer...

I interviewed a new doctor today and I love her! Dr. F will be the one to deliver Niki's and Nathan's little one(s) if this worked. She was concerned about the amount of estrace and PIO the RE has me on, so she wanted to check my levels. And yes, she drew a beta too. However, we will not be hearing the results until after Thursday's beta, when they call with those results. Good news is we'll have something to compare Thursday's beta with. Bad news is we're still waiting. Be patient, friends. If all of you are so anxious, just imagine how *I* feel right now! We're testing tomorrow evening...not sure the exact time yet though.

Oh...and if Thursday's beta is positive, we'll go in on November 7th for an ultrasound!

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One of the bunch said...

Great news to have a comparision Beta! I can only imagine your anticipation as well as everyone elses! Tomorrow, Tomorrow... (why is Annie in my head...)

Best of luck tomorrow!