Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well I'm home and I miss Nathan and Niki already. At least I got to take a little bit of them home with me, right? LOL

Well Niki has pretty much updated on how it all went. I've pretty much been a bum since transfer and hopefully the little embies will like me enough to stick around. I've been bribing them with ice cream.

Here are pics from our big day!

Waiting to leave the house

Niki and I are ready to go, but where oh where is Nathan?

Niki being silly just before we left the house

Who wants Krispy Kreme? I do, I do!!!!

Nathan finishing off my french fries from McDonald's (for good luck).

Aw, aren't they cute?!?! (See embies...your mommy and daddy are great and are waiting for you!)

Niki and Nathan with a pic of their maybe babies

Nathan keeping us occupied with his humor.

Green and yellow are the colors of fertility, so Niki and I wore these socks for good luck.

Niki giggling like a little She was so cute and so excited!

Niki's still

Niki snapped the pic in

Niki and Nathan in their space suits...ready to go in for transfer.

I'm all ready too!

And torture...I mean bedrest begins. (My bladder was full and I couldn't get up for 30

I'm telling the embies where they belong for about the next 8 months or so. (I hope they listen to me better than my kids do!)

The 3...err...4...ummm...5 of us?


Ivy said...

LD- where di you get that shirt?! I have to have one for my insem day!

LaDonna said...

Niki bought it for me! :) I found it on this website for you though: (Look towards the bottom.)