Monday, October 27, 2008

Third and final beta

The results are in and they are......... 1334!!! :-)  There is no doubt in my mind that we've got two little beans growing in there. :-)

Now we have to wait until 11/7 (11 days, but who's counting? ;-) ) to find out how many there are and (hopefully) see a heart beat.  It's going to be TORTURE to wait!  I talked to the nurse at our RE's office and she said that if we're doing an u/s at LD's OB office then we don't need to do one down here (unless we want to).  LD and I kind of want to, but I'm going to discuss it with Nathan.  I'm not sure what he'll think.  On the one hand, we'd save money on getting LD a plane ticket to come down.  On the other hand, we'd get to see our baby(ies) again. :-)  I guess we'll see what he says and go from there.

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