Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonight's the night!

I went in for my sono and blood work today and I was told my follicles are ready! :-)  They measured 18 and said 10 of those measured at least 15 or more (15 what I'm not sure... ;-) ).  From the sonographer's reaction, I'm assuming this is good news. ;-)  I'm to take my last lupron shot and the "trigger" shot (ovadril) at 9:15 tonight so I'll be ready for a 9:15 AM egg retrieval on Thursday.  We're right on schedule! :-)

I have to laugh at my DH, though.  He seems to be VERY excited about this last shot.  So much so that he's been texting me all day to find out what time I'll need to take it (didn't find out until after 2:30) so he would know if he'd be able to be home from work in time.  I get the impression he wants to give the shot to me and I'm not sure how I feel about that. ;-)  I've given myself all but one of the shots so far.  The one that he gave to me ended up bruising the worst of any (I don't think it was his fault, as I had trouble with the needle too and that is why he took over).  When I finally texted him the time his response was "Sweet!  I should be able to be there.  We could toast!"  It took some restraint not to laugh out loud (I was in a workshop). LOL

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