Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just for the record

Jadine, LD is NOT allowed to test without us, so don't you go trying to convince her otherwise. :-P  Our plan is to test when we can all be "present" to find out the results together.  You are not allowed to know the results before I do, so you can just hold your horses. ;-)

With that said, I'm just as obsessed as LD.  I'm ready to know the results, but also don't want to test early because I don't know how I'd handle a BFN, even if there was still a possibility of a pos later.  We're all keeping ourselves busy until Wednesday night.  We will not all be "together" (I say this, because we will be testing over the phone/video chat) until then.  I'm just ready for Wednesday to get here!!!!

My sister and mom came up this weekend with my 16 month old nephew.  At least I have a good distraction for now!  And with LD heading to Branson, she'll have to be good as well.  We WILL conquer the lure of the pee sticks! ;-)


One of the bunch said...

I'll be waiting for the Wednesday night update!! I continue to pray that this is a successful transfer and that in about 9 months, you will be blessed with a (two?) precious bundle(s) of joy!
-Becky (MI)

jadine said...

Yes, I know the rules. Doesn't mean I can't try to lure you two to the dark side.

Nathan said...

Lure to the dark side?

Jadine, I grew up wielding lightsabers. Try your Jedi mind tricks somewhere else. ;)