Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness.

I just realized that if Dr. K has his way and he has these babies delivered at 36 weeks, then we have less than 100 days left to go before we meet our babies!  Holy cow!  I can't wait to see them on the u/s screen in just 4 days!!!

So now I feel completely unprepared...  We have nothing at all done for the nursery.  I've bought zero items for the babies (except some diapers, which were actually free).  I keep looking at stuff, then not getting it after all.  I think I'm waiting until after the shower.  Once I know what other people have already gotten, then I'll consider getting some stuff myself.

I found out that I will be out of town for a conference the weekend of the big multiples sale in April.  I'm so bummed, because I'd been looking forward to going to it.  However, I found out yesterday about a big consignment sale just down the street for all things baby that's going on this weekend.  I am going to try to go tomorrow and at least look at strollers (if they have any twin ones).  I'm still stuck on deciding which one to get.  The one I like is way too expensive to buy sight unseen (I can't find a store that actually has them to SEE).  So now I'm thinking about a different one (about half the price) but haven't been able to see it either.  When they say choosing a stroller is like choosing a car, they're not kidding!  I think part of me is hoping they'll have the more expensive stroller at the consignment sale for way cheaper and I can get it after all.  ;-)

Friday, February 27, 2009

22 weeks

I had another OB appointment yesterday. He didn't do much, but check the heartbeats (which were great) and write me a release to continue clinicals. He said he'll have the tech measure my cervical length again at our big u/s on Wednesday. I go back in two weeks and he'll begin doing the fetal fibronectin tests every 2 weeks from there (to test for possible preterm labor). He also said he won't let us go past 36 weeks or so, so that's only 14 weeks away! YIKES! However, if the babies and I are all doing well, I may be willing to argue with him on this. I understand the fear of uterine rupture, but I know many deliver twins at 37+ weeks with no problems. Seems like the babies could use that extra time to help their lungs mature. We'll see what Niki and Nathan think and how it goes when and if we get that far.

We have the ultrasound Wednesday, March 4th. Niki and Nathan's baby shower is March 15th (and I'm looking forward to being there for it)! Then we have a 4D ultrasound scheduled for March 18th. Oh...and I'm going for a prenatal massage tomorrow! :)

Here's a belly pic from Tuesday night (we were 21 weeks, 5 days). I'm gonna be HUMONGOUS!!!! However, I'm actually having trouble gaining weight. Babies are growing well apparently, but I'm not gaining any pounds. The dr didn't seem concerned though.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Over half way through 2nd trimester!

We're 21 weeks, 1 day and all is well. The "big u/s" is scheduled for March 4th and Niki and Nathan plan to be here! (Thankfully, my instructors worked with me on scheduling this, even though it is a clinical day. It had me very stressed since the u/s tech is only there Wednesday mornings. Ugh.)

I'm feeling pretty well for the most part. The normal aches and pains are here, but they're to be expected. I'm not usually one to sit at home and be lazy, but it's been a more constant thing for me However, when I do feel up to it, I try to get out and do things. After all, exercise is good and Dr. K says things are going great. I figure I should get all the exercise I can and spend as much time out in the real world now, just in case things change and I'm put on bedrest in the future. (Hopefully not!) I know David and the kids miss having me being able to do certain things, but I've been trying to compensate in other ways. For instance, the kids all got new bedroom furniture and I surprised David with a nice TV for our bedroom for Valentine's Day. Yeah, who says you can't buy love? ;) LOL Seriously though, David and the kids have been wonderful and I'm very grateful for all they do.

As for the babies, they're definitely growing. I feel them moving quite a bit more these days. They wake me on occasion during the night, but I tend to fall back to sleep fast. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's half time!

Today is the 20 week mark! We're really half way there (or more)! I saw Dr. K today and he did a quick ultrasound, just to check cervical length. It measured 6 cm, which is awesome! (I read average at 20 weeks is 4 cm.) He didn't take a look at the babies, but I got a very quick peek at them as he scanned. They have grown so much and are oh so cute! We'll be seeing Dr. K every 2 weeks for awhile now and we're trying to figure out when to schedule the "big ultrasound". We're growing right along! :)

20 weeks

Monday, February 2, 2009

Starting the fifth month!

Five months from today is our due date, which means we're starting our 5th month! It just dawned on me. Considering these babies will probably be here in just less than that, I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. February 12th is when we hit 20 weeks...and that's half way for a singleton!

The babies definitely have their own personalities. They wake me during the night, but it doesn't annoy me (at least not yet). I am getting very achey and I have a hard time being on my feet for long, but I'm trying to enjoy this for as long as I can.