Friday, February 20, 2009

Over half way through 2nd trimester!

We're 21 weeks, 1 day and all is well. The "big u/s" is scheduled for March 4th and Niki and Nathan plan to be here! (Thankfully, my instructors worked with me on scheduling this, even though it is a clinical day. It had me very stressed since the u/s tech is only there Wednesday mornings. Ugh.)

I'm feeling pretty well for the most part. The normal aches and pains are here, but they're to be expected. I'm not usually one to sit at home and be lazy, but it's been a more constant thing for me However, when I do feel up to it, I try to get out and do things. After all, exercise is good and Dr. K says things are going great. I figure I should get all the exercise I can and spend as much time out in the real world now, just in case things change and I'm put on bedrest in the future. (Hopefully not!) I know David and the kids miss having me being able to do certain things, but I've been trying to compensate in other ways. For instance, the kids all got new bedroom furniture and I surprised David with a nice TV for our bedroom for Valentine's Day. Yeah, who says you can't buy love? ;) LOL Seriously though, David and the kids have been wonderful and I'm very grateful for all they do.

As for the babies, they're definitely growing. I feel them moving quite a bit more these days. They wake me on occasion during the night, but I tend to fall back to sleep fast. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again!

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