Friday, February 27, 2009

22 weeks

I had another OB appointment yesterday. He didn't do much, but check the heartbeats (which were great) and write me a release to continue clinicals. He said he'll have the tech measure my cervical length again at our big u/s on Wednesday. I go back in two weeks and he'll begin doing the fetal fibronectin tests every 2 weeks from there (to test for possible preterm labor). He also said he won't let us go past 36 weeks or so, so that's only 14 weeks away! YIKES! However, if the babies and I are all doing well, I may be willing to argue with him on this. I understand the fear of uterine rupture, but I know many deliver twins at 37+ weeks with no problems. Seems like the babies could use that extra time to help their lungs mature. We'll see what Niki and Nathan think and how it goes when and if we get that far.

We have the ultrasound Wednesday, March 4th. Niki and Nathan's baby shower is March 15th (and I'm looking forward to being there for it)! Then we have a 4D ultrasound scheduled for March 18th. Oh...and I'm going for a prenatal massage tomorrow! :)

Here's a belly pic from Tuesday night (we were 21 weeks, 5 days). I'm gonna be HUMONGOUS!!!! However, I'm actually having trouble gaining weight. Babies are growing well apparently, but I'm not gaining any pounds. The dr didn't seem concerned though.


Brandy said...

Look at your cute belly. I love your hair! See ya Sunday.

Allison said...

You look so great LaDonna.

One of the bunch said...


You look so good! The ultrasound is today and my fingers are crossed for all of you.