Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beta #2 (the "official" one)

Today was the day we were supposed to get our first beta.  LD went in this morning  and was able to get the results from her friend at the OB's office before they had even sent it to the RE.  So I got a text around 12:40 from LD with just the #: 254!  At the same time I also got a text from Nathan saying "Friggin' overachievers!"  I read the wrong one first. ;-)  

I texted to Nathan "Holy cow!" and he wrote back "Yeah.  We're either having twins, or Andre the Giant."  I told him LD would probably prefer twins. ;-)

Later I got a phone call from the nurse at the RE's office.  She said she had heard we cheated and already knew we were pregnant from the HPT (apparently LD spilled that much, but not that she snuck a beta too ;-) ).  She told me the beta number and then said that the next beta will be on Monday.  She said "If the next beta doubles as it should, LaDonna will need to come down for an ultrasound around Nov. 14th or so."  I didn't bother telling her we already knew they were doubling (and are confident it will continue to do so) and have an u/s set up for Nov. 7th. :-D  LD and I talked about it and I think we're going to try to have the u/s down here on the 21st instead so that there will be two weeks between the first and second.  Of course, I'll be talking to Nathan tonight to get his opinion before I set anything up.


Anonymous said...

ugh can't you guys cheat with the u/s too!LOLOL!!!Congrats

Anonymous said...

FANTATSTIC news! I have been following all of your adventures Ladonna, and I know this one is going to be a success. Congrats to you all!!!