Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our final ultrasound

Niki and Nathan came up for our final ultrasound today. We're 34 weeks, 6 days and the babies look great! The guesstimate is that both babies are about 5 and a half pounds each. (Wow! That's 11 pounds of baby!) Kyla is still head down; however, Lucas is now transverse (sideways). Dr. K says he wants to talk at my appointment on Monday and that makes me nervous...but, honestly, there's nothing to talk about. I'm assuming he's going to try to convince me of a c-section, but I could be wrong. Unless there's an emergency or a danger to me or the babies though, we will be delivering vaginally.

My cervix is measuring 3.1 cm, so that's awesome! I could easily be pregnant for another week or two. Then, again, with this being pregnancy #5 and it being twins, I could deliver anytime too. So, for now, we just wait...

Here's a pic of me with Niki and Nathan today. Hard to believe this was probably the last time I'll see them before the big day!

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