Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting anxious

I know we're all getting a bit anxious to meet these precious ones.  LD is probably the most anxious of all, since she feels she's as big as a house (but I think she looks fabulous!).  People are always saying stuff like "When are those babies going to get here?"  and all I can say is "When they get here!  They haven't let us in on their plans."

Nathan and I were talking the other day and both feel the same way.  We're really ready for the waiting for their birth day to arrive, but at the same time, we're not sure if we're ready to be parents.  Is anyone ever ready???  

That's another question I get constantly:  "Do you have everything ready yet?"  Standard answer: "If they come today, we'd be okay.  But that doesn't mean that everything is done.  I don't think that will ever happen!"

Ooh!  And the question I hate most:  "Aren't you glad you don't have to be the one carrying all that baby around?"  or  "Aren't you glad you get to sleep through the night for now?"  Ugh!  First version: "No.  I'd trade it in an instant." (people just don't get it, do they?)  Second version: "Are you kidding?  I haven't gotten to sleep through the night the past 4 months!  I'm inducing lactation and have to pump at night."  :P

I know they all mean well and our situation is a bit different to everyone.  I don't really mind answering the questions, because I figure it's just their way of trying to feel involved.  But sometimes I wish people would think a little bit before they speak. ;)

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