Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watched pot or ticking time bomb?

I had another appointment with Dr. K yesterday and everything seems to be going perfectly. He said he lets labor go at 36 weeks, but he won't be too aggressive in stopping it once we hit 34 weeks. That's in 2 more days!

I also had another NST yesterday and Kyla had the hiccups. It was so funny because they were loud coming through the monitor. I apparently have an "irritable uterus", but the babies look great and there were no major contractions to worry about.

I go back for another OB appointment and NST a week from today. Then Niki and Nathan will be here the following day for the final u/s.

I dropped off a copy of our pre-birth order, as well as our birth plan, to the social worker at the hospital yesterday. I think we have everything in order!

I don't feel like the babies are coming anytime real soon. I think we have another a week or two at least. But what do I know? It's not like I have a say...lol.

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