Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keeping my legs crossed

So I end up in L&D last night. I was having a few contractions here and there and Dr. K suggested I go in to be monitored. Apparently, I was having more contractions than I was feeling. They decide to give me a shot of Brethine to help stop them. They also put in an IV (that took 4 attempts) to give me some fluids and an antibiotic (to make sure my UTI I had last week was really gone). I thought the Brethine was helping, but apparently I was still contracting and not knowing it. So they give me another shot of Brethine. Finally, they end up checking for dilation and I was not dilated at all. Thank goodness! I was sent home and told to follow up with my already scheduled appointment on Monday. Guess we'll see what he says then...

Hopefully the babies will cooperate and stay put for another 4-5 weeks. We're 32 weeks today!

Here's the scary, blinding pic. ;)

And here's what I see when I look


Ivy said...

Glad you're not dilating yet! Keep those babies cookin' girl :D

Dragonfly73 said...

I love the "looking down" photos! Last time I was prego, I remember wondering if I'd ever see my feet again!
Keep those babies in!