Friday, March 27, 2009

Strike a pose!

So I saw Dr. K again yesterday. I've had so much pressure, I just knew he was going to tell me I was on bedrest from here on. But nope...all is well! He did the fetal fibronectin test, which helps determine if it's likely labor will start within the next 2 weeks. They said they'd call if it was positive and, of course, we're praying for it to be negative. So far, so good...I haven't heard from them! He'll be doing this test at my appointments every 2 weeks for awhile. My blood pressure was 110/60 and I'm finally starting to gain some weight. We scheduled the fetal echo for April 16th and I will be going for my glucose tolerance test and other bloodwork before my next appointment on 4/9. :)

I also had the 4D ultrasound repeated today. The babies cooperated a little bit better. We got quite a few pics of Lucas, but Kyla is so low (hence the pressure) that it was hard to get many of her. She is quite active though and was throwing her head back and kicking like crazy. Lucas had his bottom in her That's right...he's breach now! He has time to turn still and, even if he doesn't, it's no biggie. As long as she's head down, we should be good to go with a vaginal delivery.

Lucas is on top, Kyla is on bottom. Aren't they precious?!?!

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Dragonfly73 said...

Technology is a beautiful thing :) They are gorgeous.