Saturday, March 28, 2009

My sappy, emotional, hormonal revelation

Wow, it's just amazing. I've been pregnant for awhile now. I've cared about these babies from day 1. But now that I've seen them in 3D/4D, I'm just blown away. There are REALLY two babies in my womb! I know this pregnancy hasn't been easy by any means, but seeing those pics make it even more worth while. I feel more protective of these kiddos now. No, I don't want them. I love them, but only as a surrogate should. I'm very excited about being a part of their lives. And I know the day of their births will be a day of celebration. It will be my days of caring for them will be complete, yet their mommy and daddy will be just beginning their life journey with their dreams come true. Surrogacy is a beautiful thing and I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be part of this miracle.

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mother-surrogate said...

Many of the parents who used the surrogacy services had twins as its result. What a happiness for the parents, who had been trying for many years to have the children, to receive as the reward the double happiness. The surrogacy is allowed in the USA, in Russia, in India, in Ukraine. But as for legal issues, it is not so easy everywhere. In Russia the surrogate mother keeps her rights for the child and it is she who decides whether to give the child to the parents or not. The children born in India are considered as the citizens of this country. In Ukraine the law gives no rights for the child of the surrogate mother. In the USA only in some states the surrogacy program can be carried out. But it costs 100 dollars or even more.