Friday, April 10, 2009

12 weeks (probably less) to grow...errrr...go

We had the 28 week OB appointment yesterday. Both babies' heartbeats were nice and strong and everything was great. My blood pressure was 110/70 and I'm now 6.5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm supposed to go in for another u/s on Wednesday, but we'll have to see if I can make it since I have clinicals that day. Hopefully I can make it work. We also have the fetal echo on Thursday and Niki and Nathan will be here for that!

I've been feeling much better the past few days and I think I can thank the iron pills for that. However, my back and ribs are hurting more with each day. The chiro is doing what he can, but the babies are just getting bigger (which is good...for them The braxton hicks are picking up, but I can usually get them to stop if I lay down and drink some water.

I'm getting more excited. I have a feeling the next few weeks will fly by!

28 weeks!


R said... sure look good for 28 weeks along. My belly always gets huge! Am glad that everything looks right on track for you health wise. Grow babies grow. Am praying for you all.

Allison said...

Love the pic LD!!!