Monday, June 1, 2009

OB appointment update

I saw Dr. K today and he did the Group B Strep test. I asked him to check for dilation too and I'm NOT dilated AT ALL! I'm really surprised because I had a few contractions wake me up during the night. Anyway, he said he'll induce when we hit 37 weeks. I'm not sure how I feel about that. As many know, I'm anti-interventions. However, Lucas is up in my rib and the pain has literally brought me to tears a time or two. I'm hoping he moves so I can deal better and then the twins will just choose their own birthday. If the babies have not come by this Sunday, Niki said she'll be coming up to stay until they arrive! :)

Dr. K told me to stop taking the terbutaline today! (Woo hoo!) And it seems we're still in agreement on our wishes for a natural delivery! (BIG WOO HOO!)

I'm still amazed how each pregnancy is so different. All my babies came early. I expected my last surrobaby to be early too, but we induced on her due date. And we just assumed twins would come early, but they're staying put so far...

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