Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pregnancy brain?

I swear I have pregnancy brain!  I don't care if I don't happen to be the one who is pregnant... that's got to be it.  I couldn't possibly be this absent minded on my own! ;-)

Last week I had problems just about every day with forgetting something or other to do with my IV antibiotics (different thing each time).  This week, I managed to not include my BCP in my daily pill box when I refilled it on Wednesday.  I did not realize this until yesterday, when I was surprised by starting my period!  This means I missed two doses of BCP, right at the start of my lactation induction protocol.  Arg!  I don't know how I could be so stupid.  The BCP pack was sitting right there when I was doling out my meds.  I took it last night, but I'm still bleeding rather heavily.  Way more heavy than I'm used to. :-(  I don't think I've messed things up permanently.  At least I hope not.  I've got 4-5 months of these meds left, so hopefully I will make up for my oversight before I get to the pumping portion of the protocol.

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