Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting bigger by the day

So I'm standing in the kitchen today, helping Kyrsten with her science fair project. She looks at me and says, "Mom, no offense, but you're tummy has gotten a LOT bigger in the past couple days." She then proceeds to pat my tummy and ask if I can feel the babies move yet. Kids!

However, she's not the only one. At clinicals last week, a patient was saying he wanted a pizza and a beer. Then he said he knew he couldn't have a beer and he'd give it to me, but I apparently can't have it either. He then pats his own belly and said he's as big as me, but there's no baby in his. Humph. Probably all that beer.

Don't get me wrong...I *love* having a baby belly. It would just be nice if I was far enough along to be My jeans no longer fit and my yoga pants are on their way out too.

Only a few more days until I see Niki, Nathan, and their babies again!!!! And I, too, am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with Niki!!!! :)

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Jamie said...

Congratulations! I haven't checked in for a while, so it was good to catch up with the changes. I delivered twins (boy/girl) as a surrogate back in February, so I'm loving the fact that you get to do the same. Again, my congratulations to all of you!