Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making Milk

Yesterday I went to my GP to see if he could do something for this stinkin' cold I've got.  Sadly, there's not much he can do, since it appears to be viral.

But while I was there I talked to him about my desire to induce lactation for the twins.  He didn't know anything about it (other than it was possible), which I'd anticipated, so I showed him the book I have on the subject.  Well, the whole book is just about nursing in general, but there's a section on inducing lactation.  He glanced through the pages, then said he would make copies and have his "research assistant" (his wife, who is also a doctor) look into it.  He went ahead and gave me a prescription for the BCP, though, since I need to be on them anyway and he figured there was no point in starting me on one thing and then switching me next month when I start the protocol.

So I'm on my way to making my body ready to nourish those babies!  I'm excited that I may be able to provide for them in this way, even though I couldn't provide the shelter and nourishment they need for this first 9 months.  But this will be the next best thing!

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