Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God's trickery?

I think God knows how anxious I'd get waiting without distractions, so He's supplying them in abundance!  

The day after LD started spotting, I landed myself back in the hospital.  It appeared that my skin was having some kind of reaction to the dermabond used to seal me up after surgery.  But my doc was worried it could turn into an infection and wanted me to be in the hospital and on IV antibiotics.  Which turned out to be a pretty good idea, considering we also found out that the lead they fixed wasn't going to cut it.  So we're now looking at having yet another surgery.  But not until after I finish the 3 weeks of IV antibiotics in my lovely PICC line.

All of this to say, I've been distracted big time from the waiting and believe it or not, we're SO close to our next appointment!  We will be going up to OK to see LD and the babies on Tuesday, Nov. 25th.  We'll come back same day, since we'll be having our Thanksgiving meal with Nathan's family on Wednesday.  But then I get to go back up and spend Thanksgiving with LD and her family!!!! :-D :-D  I'm SOO excited.  Next week is going to be FABULOUS and it's almost snuck up on me because of all the distractions last week.

NOW I get to be distracted by my upcoming visit with LD and family to keep me from thinking about the next surgery!  See, God's lookin' out for me! ;-)

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