Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dr. Appointment 11/25

The whole gang (Nathan, his mom, sister, brother, and I) all headed up to OK yesterday around 10:30ish.  We stopped around 1:00 to grab a quick bite at McDonald's and then we drove the remaining 15 minutes (I was going nuts being so close!).  We arrived just in time.  I hopped out of the car and delivered the goodies (Ben & Jerry's ice cream) before we got back in the car and went to Dr. K's office.  We got to the office right on time (whew!).

We thought this was going to be a general OB work up, with the added bonus of an u/s, but we were apparently mistaken.  All we got was the u/s (there's no way we would have left without one! ;-) ).  But that was enough to put smiles on all our faces.

We were all crammed into the little (and warm!) u/s room waiting for Dr. K to come in.  When he opened the door I think he was a little surprised at the number of people in the room...  Kinda like a clown car!  We introduced ourselves (how cool that we got to say we were Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Aunt, and uncle!!!) and then he got started.

Up popped our little gummy bears!  Two perfect little babies. :-)  One was wiggling its little head while the other was taking a nap.  I told LD "I knew they'd be on different sleep schedules!"  She said she'd try and work on that before she evicts them. ;-)

I haven't scanned the u/s pics into the computer yet (but LD has them on her computer).  If she doesn't do it first, I'll try to get it done later today.  They're starting to be recognizable as little people! :-D

Tomorrow I get to go back up to see LD and her family!  I can't wait.  :-D  I miss them already!

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