Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Visit

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Nathan's family on Wednesday, then on Thursday I went up to OK to visit with LD and her family (Nathan was working).  I got to meet pretty much the WHOLE family (uncles... aunts... cousins... the works!).  It was cool.  I stayed Thursday and Friday nights, then came home on Saturday.

Thursday night was cute.  LD's kids and I had a "slumber party" in the living room.  We were snuggled in to watch Wall-E and I think I fell asleep about 10 minutes in. ;-)  I woke up and saw we were back on the main menu and asked "Why are you starting it over?"  To which K answered "It's over."  And then David comes out and tells the kids "Stop talking in there!  As soon as the movie is over, you need to go to sleep!"  I told him "It's my fault.  I asked a question."  He laughed and said "Well, you go to sleep too!" ;-)

Friday the kids left for their dad's and LD and I had the afternoon to ourselves.  We went maternity clothes shopping! LOL.  I've never done that before.  She looked so cute!  I know she's annoyed that she already has a belly, but I have to say it's absolutely adorable. :-)  We also went to a movie with her best friend, then came home and hung out with David.  It was a good day. :-)

I was sad to go, and apparently so was my car.  It decided to flash a warning light at us as we were heading to lunch (I was planning to leave after lunch).  We read in the owner's manual that it meant I needed antifreeze.  So we headed to Auto Zone (after we went in LD's mom's car to lunch).  Unfortunately, the guy helping us didn't know what kind of antifreeze to recommend and asked for the manual.  So we went back to the house and picked up my car and took it back to Auto Zone (and the light did not turn on this time).  The guy looked through the manual and after much head scratching decided to call someone.  He came back from the phone and said that my car apparently requires a type of antifreeze that is only sold by VW service centers.  Great!  So he looked in the phone book and the only one was on the north side of OKC (about 30 minutes in the opposite direction of where I needed to go).  LD and I went back to the house and looked online to see if there was anything in the other direction.  There wasn't.  So we made the road trip up to the VW dealership in OKC.  No lights came on once again, but I didn't want to risk driving 3 hours and possibly overheating.  We arrived at the dealership at 2:15.  Apparently on Saturdays they close at 2:00!  I was about ready to cry.  One of the sales people said I could put water in "for now" and it would be fine.  I prayed she was right...

We went back to LD's house (still no warning light) and waited for the engine to cool off so we could add water.  Around 3:30 I was able to add water and head home.  I had no problems whatsoever along the way.  I have NO idea what the deal was.  Guess I'll be taking my car by the VW dealership tomorrow after my doctor's appointment.

So tomorrow it's back to the grind.  :-P  I don't wanna go!  Especially since I've got Book Fair this week and I'm going to be exhausted!

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